Saturday, October 20, 2012

Adjusting {week #3}

Hattie had a time this week.  In one sense it was wonderful, because my mom was here, but poor baby had some tummy issues going on.  I was cringing with every crying spell, praying it wasn't colic, but I think by the end of the week we have worked it all out.  For a few days she would get fussy and cry and scrunch up her tummy in the late afternoon and would remain that way for hours.  I quickly thought of Rhett and how he wasn't getting enough milk for the first month.  He did the same thing and was just hungry.  I had no idea and felt terrible when we finally figured it out.  So, mom and I went to the store and loaded up on great milk producing food.  Oatmeal, spinach, veggies, whole grains, yogurt, avocados and smoothie goods. I have upped my calorie intake and am drinking tons of water.  I also cut out tea and coffee.  I had been drinking a chai tea every morning, so I figured I should try.

We have also supplemented her last feeding before bed.  I nurse her for about 20 minutes and then give her a 2 ounce bottle on top of that.  She sucks it down and then sleeps, well, like a baby:).  The first night she only woke up one time throughout the night!  The last two nights she went 3-1/2 hours between feedings.  This is miraculous since she had been waking up every 1-2 hours all night long.  My milk has increased greatly, and last night we didn't need to supplement the bedtime feeding.  I am so proud of her.  She is such a sweetie and I just hate to see her hurting.  Also, the black circles from under my eyes have now started to fade back to more of a tan color:).  

I went on my first run (post Hattie) on Wednesday.  This proved to be a bad idea and was followed by immediate soreness that superseded the pain I felt after natural child-birth.  Seriously, it.was.brutal!  My sister in law ran with me and she has been training for a 15k.  We ran a 5k, but I should have started out  with just a mile or two at a slower pace.  I think I will wait another 3 weeks before attempting another run.  

On Friday I took all three of the kids (yes, it still feels weird to say I have 3 kids) on an outing by myself for the first time.  It was to the Pediatrician for Rhett's 3-yr checkup, but hey, you've got to start somewhere.  Hattie cried almost the entire time (until I took her out of her seat) and we found out that Jude had fractured his face (cheek bone) in a football collision.  Both boys got flu shots and did great!  

My mom and step-dad left Friday morning after a wonderful week long visit.  They were both super helpful and I'm so thankful for the time they were able to spend here.  My dad and step-mom drove down for the afternoon Friday to see Hattie for the first time.  They worked on some pumpkin projects with the boys and snuggled with Hattie for a few hours.  It was great to see them.  I tell you what, it is heart wrenching to say goodbye to your parents and know that they won't see your baby again until she is totally different.  Next time we see my mom she may be crawling, and will for sure look like a completely different baby.  There were some tears for sure.  

Here are some 3 week pics of my girl.  I instantly regretted the head flower while editing.  It's just too much for me, too big.  She looks different with it on, so I will have to take a few more pics today:).  

She has been losing some hair up top this past week.  She has smiled a few times while I'm talking to her, and I love her sweet smiles!  Her eyes have started loosing a bit of the gray and are looking more blue now.  The rest of her umbilical cord came off when she was ten days old and she is now the proud owner of a cute little inny belly button.  She has also graduated from sponge baths since she lost her cord, and sometimes she loves baths, sometimes she does not.  We have been calling her all sorts of nicknames.  Princess, pretty, dolly, sister, sis, name it, we've used it.  She has really long arms (like Dallas and Rhett), and most people say that she favors Rhett now.  I personally think that she looks so different from the boys, but I see both of them in her with different expressions that she makes.  

Also, does her nose look big?  My mom made the comment that her nose doesn't look big in person, but it did in the pics.  I hadn't noticed, but I promise she has the cutest little nose in real life.  

We also celebrated Rhett's 3rd Birthday this week, but I will post about that later.  

All in all week three has been pretty fantastic.  Week four will be a challenge, but I'm excited to see what real life with no help looks like.  Wish me luck!  


katie@tulsadetails said...

So glad you're adjusting well! We had the exact same thing with Emmy and the crying! I am hoping some of your tips help!

Aja said...

Such sweet pics! I think her nose looks perfect :) I'm glad you figured out what was going on and could increase your supply! Praying for no colic or tummy troubles! Maybe we can come see you guys this week!