Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doc says...

Looks like Rhett was right.  This little sweets is likely a baby "sisser"!  We are both shocked and excited (except for Jude...he was pulling for another boy).

I had my 16 week appointment today and was so hopeful they could see the gender because I have been dying to know.  That and I don't have another ultrasound until 22 weeks, and six more weeks of not knowing is torture!

As soon as he focused in on the privates he asked us if we wanted to know.  I shouted, "YES", and he said, "You are going to get your all american family."  That took a minute to register.  My first thought was a baseball team (all american) and my second thought was a step-kid and a new husband.  Then it hit me...a girl!

Of course nothing is 100% at this point.  My doctor said don't go painting the nursery pink (don't worry, I won't...either way), but he saw her lady parts 4 times.  Dallas did too.  I just sat there in shock like, "oh yea, there it is."  When really I was just like Rachel on friends and I could have been staring at a belly button.  It all just looks like a penis to me.  Dallas saw 3 lines several times.  I think I was's all a blur.

I don't think it will officially set in until I see it for sure at that 22 week measurement appointment, but we are still very excited and thrilled to have a girl around here!

Isn't she cute?! She looks like she has no arms or legs in the pic above, but I assure you I saw them swinging and flailing around as she enjoyed her sugar high from my morning orange juice.

I love her so much already!


Megan B said...

Yay!! Congratulations :)

katie@tulsadetails said...

Yay!!!!!! We are so close in due dates!!! You're going to be the best girl mama ever!! (Obvs, you have being a boy mom down!) Post some bump pics! Can't wait to see you in person!!!

Aja said...

I knew it was a girl! :) so excited for you guys!

amanda torres said...

Congrats on your girl! I'm curious if Dr. Nilson is your OB? He always told us not to paint the nursery each time he gave us the early 'boy/girl' announcement.