Tuesday, April 17, 2012

As of late

There has been lots of baby talk around our house.  Many many questions and adorable realizations.  I just want to soak this time in.  It's all happening so quickly.  This is the last baby we plan to have, and I can't believe that I'm already pregnant with my last baby!  My how the time has flown.


Jude wasn't super thrilled to have another baby.  In fact he looked at us and said, "But I don't want another baby."  He has warmed up to being a big brother again, and he will be such a great little helper and friend!  I may or may not have told him he could name the baby, so I'll deal with that battle when it comes:).

He asks a lot of questions..does the baby have clothes on?  Does the baby have hair?  How will they know if it is a boy or a girl..only to come to the realization that they will know because if it's a boy baby he will have short hair and a girl would have long hair..duh.  Thankfully we have not gotten the question. The one I dread him asking every time he starts in on the daily questioning...how are babies made?  Right now he knows God makes them, but that's a little obscure for our boy.  I know the day is coming.

He said he doesn't remember when Rhett was in my tummy.  I find this hard to believe since he remembers everything about our old house and things that I barely remember.  So, this will seem new to him again, too.


Rhett was SO excited to hear the news.  I'm sure he has absolutely no idea what this means or how this will rock his little world, but I was thrilled to see his excitement.  Dallas told them and Rhett just yelled, "Oh wow, that is AWESOME!" in his deepest 2 year old voice.  He tells anyone and everyone that he's getting a baby "sisser" (um, don't hold your breath buddy).

Rhett has been such a joy lately.  Someone pointed out to us about a month ago that they never see Rhett without a smile on his face.  That he is just such a happy boy.  You know what, they were right!  We had never really noticed this about him (that's a little sad), but he has such joy all of the time!  He is always smiling (even when he's in trouble), and it has been so fun watching my happy boy be so, well, happy!

He is always saying the cutest things and cracking us up.  Here are some of my favorites...

-Yes I are!
-No I aren't!
-I love you first.  (In response to "I love you, Rhett")
-I want to hold you.
-I want to give you a kiss, momma

The other day we were driving and had all of the windows down in the car.  Rhett yelled, "Roll the windows up guys!"  It was just so grown up and adorable.  We both just started laughing.  He carries on full conversations with just about anyone and says the most grown up things.  Sometimes he seems so much bigger than 2-1/2.

Rhett hums while he eats.  Especially if he's enjoying something.  He's done this since he started eating baby food. I'll be sad when he stops this.

Somehow he has been ending up in our bed in the middle of the night every night.  He walks all of the way downstairs in the dark to make his way to our room, peeks his little head up by our bed and says, "I want milky."  He's such a little snugly boy so we can hardly resist letting him snuggle us (Dallas) back to sleep.

Rhett has finally been going potty in his potty chair!  He gets so excited and even dumps it in the big potty and flushes the toilet all on his own.  Such a big boy.

Last week some friends were asking us for a heart update on Rhett.  I was reminded so quickly how different things could be for him.  We are so blessed, and I never want to forget the miracle God gave us with this precious boy!

I saw this picture on my camera a few days ago and it made me so excited for summer.  I can't wait for days at the pool, white heads, tan little bodies and no school for Jude!


Aja said...

I'm with Rhett- Baby Sisser!!! :)

Such cuties, you'll be so glad to look back on these cute little things they're doing and saying right now.

Megan B said...

My favorite question is - does the baby have clothes on? Ha! Your boys are precious!

amanda torres said...

I have not a clue how I came across your blog, but as I was reading I scroll down and see Jude! I'm Mason's mom from school. I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your heart for God. Congrats on your 3rd baby. I can honestly say it is an amazing blessing experiencing your 3rd.