Monday, April 30, 2012

Blog fail..

Somehow I missed posting most of the exciting things happening around here the last few months..I guess I was too exhausted or pregnant or something.  Anyhoo, here are the highlights via pictures...

Jude had his first of many baseball games.

 Rhett insists on wearing ball pants and cleats to every game.

 Brother likes to watch! 

Grandma and Grand-dad were here for his first game!  

after the big game

E3 Easter egg hunt our church hosted.  There were 50,000 eggs and I thought the 2 yr olds were never going to pick up all these little stragglers. 

Jude got 90 some eggs.  I threw them away.  

Easter Sunday and Aunt Joy's house.  

Rhett has made giant strides on the potty-training front.  

Most days we go all day without wet pants.  He lets me know when he needs to potty or poopy and he's such a big boy.  I'm so proud of him. 

There.  Now I feel better.

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Aja said...

That picture of Rhett on the potty HAS to go on the graduation and wedding picture montages!!! And don't forget to break it out for his prom date! :)