Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

I LOVE Easter!  What an awesome reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for each and every one of us!  I was particularly emotional this Easter (no, I'm not pregnant, I tested to verify:)).  It just hit me hard what a huge sacrifice Jesus made for me.  He saw my face when he was hanging on that cross, and he took all of the beating, lies, torture and pain so that I could be forgiven and one day be in heaven...WOW!  There has never been, nor will there ever be a sacrifice to compare to what happened on the cross that day! 

It was so cool to share the story with Jude this year.  He really listened and asked a lot of questions.  Every time we see a cross he asks, "is that the cross that Jesus died on?".  He's understanding more and more who Jesus is and what He did for us.  Less about bunnies and eggs....more about Jesus!  

This is a modern twist on a hymn that I absolutely love...The words are simple but profound...perfect for Easter!  


Aja said...

They're getting so big!! Happy Easter!

Megan B said...

Great pic of the four of you! Jude is going to know how to tie a tie before Andy! I would have thought wearing one every day in college would have helped but I guess not:)