Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay, so a few weeks ago we were amongst friends and one of them used the phrase, "Oh my g_d!" As soon as said friend was gone, Jude was running around saying this every chance he found appropriate  (Isn't it weird how they know what context to use these phrases in?).  Well, we just don't say this at our house, it is the 3rd commandment, after all (no worries, I don't have plank-eye, it's just a personal preference).  We have had to remind him several times over the past few weeks not to say this and have even experienced a handful of time-outs to help him refrain from this verbiage.  Well today he was dancing around the living room and just blurted out, "god!"  I asked him what he said and he very quickly fessed up. I just looked at him in a disappointed way and asked, "Jude, why are you still saying that?" He whipped right around and said, "So He will bless me."  Awe, shucks folks...he's a smarty!  Though I doubt he knows what this even means, I'm proud of him to come up with an answer he knew I would like.  What a quick thinker.  Oh, and it seems as though he's been listening in church!  Testing limits is a SUPER fun part of age 3 (wink wink).

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Megan B said...

I'm always amazed how little ones know how to use certain words in proper context and how they already know how to cover things up. My in-laws don't like Lilly to use the word shoot and one day when she was overheard saying it she told her mom she was saying parachute. Ha! They weren't sure what was worse, the word or the cover up!