Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Bullet!

The magic bullet, that is!  Everyone is always asking me if I have a mommy must-have list.  A list that contains all of my most useful devices to aid with mommy-hood.  Well, I don't, but if I did this sucker would be at the top of my list (this and the nose frida).  Most people probably wouldn't put an infomercial/kitchen appliance on their list of must-haves for babies, but I use this bad-boy every.single.day!  This baby will shred, blend, mix, puree, chop or liquify ANYTHING you put in it.  My sis-in-law bought this for us as a Christmas gift last year, and I started out using it to make smoothies with all of my fruit and veggie servings for the day.  This was the best way for me to get everything I felt necessary for nursing.  It's now converted into a baby-food making machine!  Everything from bananas to chicken and rice, this thing does it all.  I've started putting Rhett's meals in there and adding a handful of spinach leaves for all of the vitamin-packed nutrients.  He loves it, though we have yet to find a food this boy does not love!  This little machine has enabled me to make my own baby food, and it feels good to know that Rhett is eating fresh, healthy foods!  I still use the bullet for smoothies, and now I add the spinach leaves to my mix as well,  you can't even taste it!  I just feel great starting my day with every serving of fruit and veggies I need, not to mention 2 dairy servings!  You could even get fancy with flax seed oil and protein powder!  But no worries, it also makes fabulous other treats like salsa, pesto, marinara sauce and margaritas!  The list really goes on and on.

Here's my favorite smoothie recipe:

*1/2 banana
*3 strawberries
*10-15 blueberries
*7-8 pineapple chunks
*1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
*splash of milk
*4-5 fresh spinach leaves
*3-4 ice cubes

I must say, I do not believe there is an equal substitute for the bullet.  I know there are copycats out there, but I've read nothing but bad reviews.  The blades don't last long, they break easily, they leak, thy don't chop smoothly, they are hard to clean and overall are not great quality.  I think it's worth the extra buck to get the real deal.  They run around $70, but I know they have them at Kohl's, and you can always catch a good sale there!  Blenders and food processors are for the birds! They have WAY too many parts to clean for me to commit to using it multiple times a day.
 So there you have it, my mommy must-have!


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bandjlong said...

I think that you've just been hired by the 'bullet' company :)!