Wednesday, March 13, 2013

rollie pollie five month ollie

Yep, that's right!  Hattie girl is 5 months old now.  This last month seems to have been her most advanced.  She accomplished several milestones and seems so big now.  Her little personality is really coming out.

This last month she went from stomach "swimming" to holding herself up on her forearms.  She started rolling over, back to front, mid month.  She has also rolled front to back several times, but seems more comfortable with the former for now.  She grabs on to things and pulls them toward her mouth and sucks and gnaws on them.  Her favorite right now is my hair.  She loves to stick her tongue out and move it all round.  She also sticks it out and blows raspberries quite often.  Sometimes in the middle of the night when she gets up to eat (yes, that's still happening), she will sleepily look up at me, blow a raspberry in my face and giggle.  Oh yes, she giggles.  It's the sweetest sound, and she laughs a lot.  She thinks it's pretty hilarious when we blow on her tummy and kiss her face and neck.  Her trunk has gotten significantly stronger this fast month.  She holds herself up well and with little support (not sitting, but when being held).  She also seems more aware of who is holding her and when i'm not around. She wants nothing to do with bottles anymore, so mom has got about a three hour max for extracurricular activities.  I took Dallas to get a vasectomy on Friday, and when we got home Hattie was screaming her head off.  She was so distraught and it broke my heart. I want her to be comfortable around others, but she is just so attached to us right now.  AND she was with her Nana, not even a stranger.  Poor baby.  Hattie's hair is growing in up top, and you know what, I think she's a brunette!  I see a little blonde coming through, but it mostly looks dark to me.  It will be strange to not have her toe-headed like the boys in the summer, but honestly there is something refreshing to me about having her be a brunette.  She won't have to deal with the unfortunate darkening of hair as a teenager, and having to deal with highlights and all that jazz.  I love the color of Dallas' hair, maybe it will be like his!! Either way, she's perfect!

Hey, what's this thing hanging in my mouth?!  

I'm finally preparing to put her in her crib and feel comfortable enough to have her away from my side, knowing now that she can both breath through her nose and roll over on her own if she needs to.  I think the breathing issue has hindered her sleep at night.  We suck her out with the nas frida every chance we get. Sometimes waking her up to do so because she would be so stuffy.  Anyone else ready for summer!?  Goodness gracious.

Her neck has straightened up significantly, and we made the choice to stop both PT and Chiro several weeks ago.  We are praying over her and know that she is just fine.

I am waiting until month six to introduce solids (just in case there's any truth to that obesity claim).  I think she's ready.  She watches us eat and opens her mouth or licks her lips.  She will love it! Hopefully that will help her make it through the night as well!

Hattie is wearing 3-6 month clothes, size three diapers, and I'm still shoving her cute little feet into her crochet booties! This month we have had an overwhelming amount of comments on how much she looks like Rhett.  I definitely see it, but she doesn't look like Rhett at this age.  I'll have to post pics.

Did I mention she loves her tongue?!  It seems freakishly long and pointy too.  

First Valentine's Day (she was still 4 months old here).  I bought this outfit for her last year after V'day when I found out she was a girl:).  It was one of the first things I bought for her.  It's so fun to see her wearing all of the things I was trying to imagine her in back then.  

It has been so fun having a baby girl!  I have loved every minute of it, and am so blessed to have experienced the joy of both boys and girls.  It has been pure joy watching my boys love on Hattie, and to see their sensitivity to her needs. So sweet!

I finally had a date night with this guy!  We are trying to make that happen once a month, but hopefully more often than that!  We are planning a few fun getaways, a 10 year anniversary trip and a trip with friends.  Much needed time together.

Hopefully none of you are getting overwhelmed by my monthly posts:). I actually do have a lot to talk about, I'm just trying to be on the computer as little as possible with my three littles running around. I have a feeling posting from my phone would be too challenging for this gal.

Spring forward is like Christmas morning for me...more light, more playing outside, more running, warmer weather....ahhhh!  Super excited! Happy Spring this month!!


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Aja said...

I CANNOT believe she is 5 months! Time has flown by! How crazy will it be if she has dark hair?! I was thinking it even looked red in some of your recent pics (I know- just what you wanted to hear).. but I'm sure it's just the lighting. And okay, I'm cracking up that she is in a size 3 diaper- and my child still sports a size 4 for naps! :) She is too cute! I want to squeeze her soon!