Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thankful reminders

These past few weeks have been a rocky road around here.  Lots of serious decisions to make and a few trials to face.  We have some very serious family issues going on and a lot of life changes may be coming our way, whether we choose them or not.  I know the bible tells me to take joy when trials of many kind appear (James 1:2) , I know that trials are refining and they make me a better person and bring me closer to God in the end, but sometimes it's hard to not just wish for some peace and quite.  For a night with no decisions or controversy to face.  A mindless night of t.v. on the couch, maybe.  I feel like I haven't had this since September.  This is merely a season and I know that God will see us through.  He has never let us down and we will trust Him completely in all areas of our lives. This I know.  

Meanwhile, I am so thankful for such a wonderful guy to face life's trials with.  I'm so very blessed just by his humble attitude through all of this.  At the end of the night, when I tuck my kids into bed and we all pray together and read stories, I look around and I know what is truly important.  God has given me so much.  Every other concern or worry is nothing in the reality of what we have together.  My family is priceless.  

I'm so thankful for little reminders of the big picture.  This too shall pass.  Who I am on the other side will be different, sure, but in good ways :).  God's got a plan for the Martins.

I really question whether or not to put the "hard times" on here, but in the end i've decided that this is my family blog and I want to remember these days and this season.  I want to remember how God provided for us.  Also, I want to be honest and not come off like all is butterflies and roses all of the time.  It's just not.  I love reading blogs that are real and share very real hurts and truths for moms, wives and families. It is encouraging and uplifting to know that you are not the only one walking through certain things.  


katie@tulsadetails said...

Thinking of you, Sarah! I hope everything is okay. Sending prayers your way. XO!

Aja said...

Family IS priceless.
I know God has a perfect plan for you guys and all will work out just as it should. He'll bless your faith. Keep putting your trust in HIM. Love you!

Sharstin said...

hoping you can find peace and work through these hard times gal~