Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We have had plenty of wonderful distractions the past week or so.  Good distractions are the ones that keep my mind from wandering to a bad place and allow me to spend a great deal of time with my boys...all three of them!

I've been working on these guys the past few nights....

 Personalized Coasters

I picked up a bundle of these stone tiles for super cheap and have turned them into coasters.  I made sets for Jude and Rhett's Sunday school teachers and for his teacher at school to go along with a gift card for
Christmas.  Ever since I saw some that Aja has, I thought they would make a nice little 'thank you' gift.    

Do you ever just go stand in your garage and swoon over how organized it is? Yea, me neither.  We are staying busy doing things around the house that need to be done, things that don't cost a lot of cheese.  I picked up some great shelving units (2) at a garage sale last week and Dallas got right to work organizing the garage.  It looks amazing, and for two days I would randomly just open the door to the garage and gaze upon the organization in all of it's glory.  Is that weird?

So, we have a guest bedroom that is just, meh.  Really all that it entails is a bed and a matchy match bedspread.  The room has blah all over it, so I just shut the door and have lived with it for a year.  My plan is to turn it into a nursery for #3, but really, that could be years away!  Why should our guests have to sleep where khaki went to die? Because I'm on a major budget, like zero dolla bills is my budget (hospital bills start rollin in any day), I decided to go into the closet.  This is the place everything from our last house that didn't have a place here went to die.   It is still very khaki, but at least there are different variations of khaki, tan and beige:). It is much improved in my book.  I still have an armoire to refinish for this room, but other than that, she's done-ski!  Sorry no before picts.

 So it's not what I would do if I were going out and choosing things new, but for now it works.

k, so I don't have pics for the frames on the walls yet, but I plan to fill them with pictures of relatives.

Also, the Martin house is now a house with two girls!  Dagney moved back in this weekend.  The boys love her.

Our best distraction of all has been our two most beautiful creations.  We have been enjoying the awesome weather, taking lots of walks, running together and of course hitting balls out of the park, aka our back yard.  Rhett appears to be the picture of health.  He runs, jumps laughs, plays and carries on without any hesitation.  We are letting him do it all.

Rhett is catching on to our silly-face pics. 
 Poor baby had an upper respiratory infection and missed school 3 days last week.  

My dimply smoothie kid!

Dallas and I are experiencing extreme peace right now.  I don't know if this is the peace that the bible talks about, "peace that passes all understanding", but it is wonderful.  We are doing devotions together and praying together, and we both just feel extremely calm and peaceful.  I don't really know how to describe it.  Thank you for praying for us as well, many people have let me know they have prayed for peace for us.  Clearly God answers prayer.


katie@tulsadetails said...

Sarah! You have had so many good distractions! The dog is just precious and I think deserves a post itself! Also, love the coasters and your improver bedroom. Continued prayers for Rhett. I know God must be hearing our prayers since you are feeling His comfort. Xoxo!

Sharstin said...

so glad you are feeling peace, and that little rhett is busy being a kid:) love all of your great projects!

Aja said...

The coasters turned out great!!

Peace is one thing I always pray for in situations like these.. what an awesome, loving God we serve. He just wants to scoop us up and hold us in his arms and overwhelm us with His peace. I'm so thankful you're feeling it right now. Love you!