Thursday, March 6, 2014

Inquiring minds want to know..

Tonight at dinner my boys wanted to know what we would have named them had we not named them Jude and Rhett.  It took a minute for me to remember a few of the choices, but then we had fun reminiscing about it, talking Jude out of wishing we would have chosen a different name, and laughing at some of the names, knowing our kids now.  So here they are..

Jude- Andrew (Drew) and Leopold (Leo)

Rhett- Malachi (Kai), Pierce, James (Jamie) and Graham

I really didn't want a shortened name for them, I like to call them by their actual names, but these were all pretty big contenders.  Rhett wasn't named until I was 9 months pregnant!  Thank goodness we chose the names we did.  I just couldn't see them being anybody else:).

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