Friday, June 28, 2013

Mid-summer shenanigans

Summer is in full swing and hotter than heck!  We are enjoying it in and soaking up all of it's steamy goodness.. 

Pool baby

Checking out the stars with the Hay girls.  Fun night of dad's talking politics and Back To The Future, moms chatting and sipping drinks and kids running through the sprinkler, playing tag and star-gazing.  Neighbor friends are the BEST! 

 So thankful for him and proud of him always! He is working on a men's devotional right now that I'm so impressed with. He is always striving to be a better Christian, husband and dad, and I really couldn't ask for more.  

Bowling (trying to do something other than swim all day every day) 

This guy lost his first tooth the first few weeks of summer.

This kid seriously can't get enough baseball.  He begs to work on skills nearly everyday.  AND he has such a good daddy to say yes every time and teach him all he needs to know.  Such a blessing for me to see this.  

4 hours in the car with three kids will make any man crazy;). Rhett thinks his eyes are crossed.  

Had a sweet visit with old neighbors on our trip to KC.  Miss them dearly.

Of course we visited the farmstead.

The boys had a fever for more cowbell.

And they rode a horse or two.  

AND...the whole reason we drove to KC..the Braves were in town!!  It was a great game, tons of fans and the Bravos won!  Such a fun trip.  

A few more updates complete in our house this summer.  New entry fixtures and kitchen backsplash. I've had so much fun adding my own personal touches to this house. The more I do, the more I get attached to it.  Up next..getting rid of my tuscan kitchen walls.  

July holds a lot of firsts for us.  We are so excited to enjoy the rest of this summer, spend time with family and travel a bit more.  It's turning out to be a great one!  We are having fun creating memories for our kiddos.  We've pledged to spend more time just enjoying simple things and our time together.  To remove distractions and activities that are unnecessary from our lives and really spend time with our kids.  To put our phones down and just enjoy.  So far so good!  

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Aja said...

The fixtures look great! And I love that picture of the boys in their Braves uniforms- too cute!