Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday {the big kid is 6}

I know I pretty much start every post out with how sad I am that my kids are getting's true.  I do get sad about them growing so fast.  With the sadness comes so much joy.

My big 6 year old boy is growing into such an amazing young man.  He is thoughtful, caring, giving, selfless, concerned for others, gracious, compassionate, a wonderful big brother and quite handsome too!  I am always amazed by Jude.  He sets the bar pretty high for his siblings.  I can't really even explain my love for him.  He was my first baby, he changed my life.  He will always be my baby.  I literally cry when I read the book 'Love you forever'.  My kids look at me like i'm crazy, but it gets me every time.  Jude, no matter how big he gets, will always be my baby.  I'm so thankful that he still wants me to lay with him at night, that he cuddles up to me on the couch and doesn't mind all of the hugs that I request throughout the day.  He's a lover, an old soul, and oh he is so amazing.  I know there is a big future ahead for this kid.  We always get compliments from friends, neighbors, teachers and even perfect strangers on his behavior.  He is a good boy, a good helper and very well mannered.  He is a focused student and a lover of art.  He loves to color, draw and write.  He spends countless hours a week at the kitchen table working on his "projects".  He is quite talented with his designs.  I love them and will cherish them forever.

Jude is starting the baseball season this year in love with the game.  He's determined and excited about every practice.  He has been asking for a little over a year now to have a Birthday party at ORU.  We were able to pull this off, and he even got to throw out the first pitch of the season!  He did so great and we were so very proud of him.  He marched right out to the pitchers mound and threw the ball just short of the catcher.  It was so cool!

Here are a few shots from his party in the VIP lounge.  Unfortunately there are none of him throwing out the first pitch due to me frantically trying to video the event...which I did not get.  Ugh.

Singing silliness!  

My attempt at getting a photo of Jude walking out to the mound

 Silly pose pic

 Grandma and Grand-dad were here! 

Trying out a new toy!

Our view from the VIP room

Jude Martin, you are such a special kid!  I love you so much!  Happy 6th Birthday to such an amazing boy.  

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Megan B said...

Happy Birthday Jude! I bet he was on top of the world gettingbtomthrow out the 1st pitch! How fun :)