Monday, June 13, 2011


I just signed up for the Route 66 half/full marathon training program through Runners World!  I'm REALLY excited to have some people to run with who are in my pace and distance range.  Slow and steady.  This program puts you in groups based on such factors.  I don't know that I'll do the Rt. 66 marathon, but it's my goal to do one in the next 10 months or so.  I really had my heart set on doing the Chi-town marathon this October, but when I went to register in mid-February it was already full!  Shipes....40,000 people, crazy talk!  I may still try to get a bib on craigslist or ebay or through some running friends my sister knows.  We shall see!  Hmmm, running down Michigan Ave in Chicago with lots of cool scenery versus running on the plains of Ok for 26.2!

I miss my running buddy Sarah, SO SO much!  We would save all of our stories for our long runs so we could keep each other entertained.  She would even bring a cooler with water and gatorade for our drink stops.  She was wonderful and I miss our half marathon rendezvous in fun cities.  Maybe after baby 'W' arrives we will reunite for some long runs!

Speaking of running....I've got a new running buddy!  Jude biked 3.7 miles with me today while I ran.  I was so proud of him!  He was so excited and red-faced and just such a cute little kidlet!  I don't know what I'm going to do without him for 2-1/2 hours each day in the fall.

Rhett enjoyed his time dousing himself with water from my water bottle the entire time!  This little j-bird took a  run of his own later on...

I am so thankful my kids have always liked going on runs with me.  Sometimes Jude asks if we can go for a run.  It's a daily routine during the week and has been for his entire life.  I think he also enjoys the snacks and drinks he gets during our runs!

I'm especially thankful for B.O.B.!  My B.O.B. stroller has given me SO much freedom to run.  I recommend it to anyone who plans to run frequently with kids in tow. It's definitely not necessary and a bit pricey for someone just looking to walk or for regular stroller needs (the $100 joggers from babies r us are perfectly suitable for this), but as a runner it's worth the bucks!  It folds up relatively compact and will fit in the trunk of our sedan (we have the double).  It is lightweight and the front wheel swivel is smooth and it turns on a dime.  I use mine 5 days a week in running weather and the fabric and tires still look like new (over a year and a half old).  I also recommend the KoolStop runner if you don't plan to travel with your stroller, but it is not a good one for transport (hard to disassemble and BIG wheels...hence the smoothness).  It is probably the smoothest stroller I have EVER used!  You can trust me, I have owned nearly every stroller known to man:)!  Bobby is a keeper!

Happy Running!

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