Thursday, March 24, 2011


 I got my hands on a few new photos today.  Thank goodness for being "tagged" on facebook.  I rarely had my camera on me in the villages, so I'm very thankful to my teammates for snapping some shots of us!  I want to remember these faces!

 Outreach in Titanyen Village
Wislee and I in Leveque

This little boy ran up to Dallas and hugged him like he had known him all his life.  Holly just happened to capture the moment. I got one too...

Simon saaaays...
Another Random thought...Don't you just LOVE Dallas' curly head?!  Love it!!
He's looking a bit like a wolf-man, but I like it!  Our children are destined to have some THICK unruly hair.
This beach looked out onto La Ganove Island where Gut's Church has done so much to reach, feed, provide water for and educate the people there.  It was very cool to see!  We used to go to church at Guts and hear about La Ganove, so to see it in person was a blessing! Click here to read more about what Guts Church is doing in Haiti.


Alie said...

Sounds like your trip was a blessing to the Haitians and you all too. I know you will do great things through Christ!

Aja said...

Such sweet pictures!! I'm so proud of you guys for going and showing Jesus to those sweet little kids.