Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Rhett has been exercising his facial muscles this past week...mainly his eyebrow muscles.  That's right, he's down-right scowling at us these days.  It's at the most appropriate times too!  I refuse to believe that he is already giving us attitude, and claim it's merely coincidental that these scowls are sometimes preceded or followed by some sort of violent tantrum or kicking/screaming fit.  Oh no, not my sweet little Rhett.  NEVER in a million years would any of you believe that:).  Quite frankly it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  It's all I can do not to burst out into laugher.  He is also probably wondering why I'm slyly reaching for the camera when he starts his shenanigans.  I don't remember this with Jude, and Rhett is supposed to be my laid back child, so I refuse to believe this is in any way foresight into his behavioral future.

Just seconds later...

{Don't mind the giant lump on his head.}  
I also refuse to believe in mood swings:).  

A few mornings ago I brought Rhett his oatmeal {I love feeding my kids oatmeal, by the way.  So healthy and hearty.  We like ours plain sweetened by bananas.}, and he took a big bite, squeezed his little lips together and said, "MMMMMM."  I thought maybe it was a coincidence, but he continued on throughout breakfast.  I love feeding him, he is such a good eater!  He also started spoon-feeding himself this week.  He grabbed the spoon out of my hand and shoveled it right into his mouth.  Again, I thought this was a coincidence {I promise I do think my kids are smart}, but he kept doing it time after time.  He has a smile on his face {a look of accomplishment} every time.  He knows he's pretty big stuff around here:).

And of course this was documented through photography...


Jude will be starting preschool this January!  I can't believe it, and honestly, it breaks my heart.  Sigh.  He's surely not ready to be away from me for four hours a day twice a week, right?  Well, according to him, YES, he cannot wait.  I told him this morning that he would be starting school in a few weeks, and I just wish I could have captured the look of shear joy and excitement on his cute little face.  He's been working toward this, and I hope school won't let him down.  We told him this summer that if he wanted to go to preschool he would have to stop crying in Sunday School at church.  Every week it was the same story, tears, big ones, every time we dropped him off in his class.  He's known these people since birth, so I could only imagine the emotional torment {on all of us} taking him to a place where he knows nobody.  Shoot, I wonder if he knows I will not be staying at school with him...I better start working on that one asap.  Anyway, when we bribed him with school to get him to stop crying in church {thankfully he doesn't know that eventually we'd have to let him go to school regardless of his behavior...or suffer the consequences of DHS and jail:)} it was like the best deal EVER!  He marches his little self into class every Sunday and comes out with a smile on his face when we pick him up.  He's like a different child.  Sometimes bribery works friends...sometimes.  I'll keep you posted on how the school thing goes, hopefully it will be all that Jude's been dreaming of!  

Jude was in the church Christmas program Sunday night.  He played the bells and was hysterical!  At one point he hunkered down, took position with his feet and played that bell with all he had.  It was like he had a fever for more cow bell!  The crowd was laughing and I was about to fall out of my chair.  He also played a sheep for a song entitled, "shaggy, smelly...sheep."  The choir behind the sheep were doing motions and pointing at the shaggy smelly sheep, while Jude spent is time facing them and mimicking every hand motion they were doing.  When they said "shaggy, smelly...sheep" and pointed at the sheep, Jude pointed at the other sheep too, as if he was not one of them.  He picked up on all the motions very quickly.  After their part was over the three year olds were taken over to sit on a pew until the program was over.  The older kids sang a song and they were all jumping up.  I looked over at the pew with the 3 year olds,  and all I saw was a tiny blonde head bouncing up and down in the aisle right along with the kids up on stage.  He's the best!  He just puts a smile on my face every time I think about him.  I honestly feel guilty because sometimes I think I expect too much from him because he's so smart.  I treat him as if he's 5 sometimes, instead of the cute little 3-yr old that he is.  Sorry Juder...I love you to the moon and back, up to the stars and down to the worms.  Please forgive me for the times I've expected you to act above your age.  You are such a sweet spirited boy and a wonderful helper to momma.  LOVE YOU!  

Jude has always been pretty big into dressing himself.  He's been able to fully assemble all of his clothing from head to toe since he turned 2.  It's becoming increasingly difficult to talk him down from certain wardrobe disasters.  Lately he's really into wearing shorts overtop of his pants.  Oh yes, this is really happening.  He came downstairs yesterday, just as pleased and confident as could be, with three shirts on (one was a turtle neck), jeans and mesh shorts overtop of the jeans.  The best part, the icing on the cake, how could this get any better you ask....his jean were tucked perfectly into cowboy boots.  These cowboy boots may or may not have been made for girls.  The heel is just a bit high for my liking on a boy, but I could be wrong.  Also the boot name embossed on the inside of the boot is "Haley", so I'm pretty sure we don't like to wear these in public either:).  I'm letting him embrace his own home.  He doesn't understand why we don't dress like this in public, but I'm confident that one day he'll thank me.  

This is not the boot day, but another classic example.  He's also sporting a drum on his head and the baby monitor on his waistband....

My babes are so fun and creative.  I love both of their spunky personalities! It makes them who they are, and I would never change a thing about either one of them!  

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